Yoshino is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack.


Like Dragunov (another Ptolemaic Army commando), she possesses an Amazonian build - they're both tall and muscular; although she instead has dark black hair and golden eyes (whereas Dragunov is a blond). She wears a variant of the Ptolemaic Special Forces jumpsuit and face mask alongside a red scarf.

Character Summary

Trained in the art of ninjutsu, she can move so quickly as to appear to teleport - she normally shuffles slowly under the weight of her immense hammer, but she's able to leap huge distances with it, and can also move in the blink of an eye when using smoke bombs.

Her MSA infobox states that she is able to manipulate prototype weapons better then anyone else (most likely due to her superhuman strength). She gets along well with Dragunov and Caroline, two other members of the Ptolemaic Army.

Yoshino seems to be heavily relied upon by the Ptolemaic Army, as Dragunov often states that they can't do anything without her.


Extra Ops

Yoshino is on duty to train her fellow subordinates in the Extra Ops "Destroy the Tower". While the soldiers are on their break, Amadeus Army deploys Toschka Dalanue. The tower kills her soldiers. Angered, she appears and hammers away the bottom three segments of the tower. When the first segment pops up, she falls back with a smoke bomb. A gold Amadeus robot then appears.

Yoshino continues battling and destroys the tower completely. Amadeus robots then start to appear and self-destruct. Fortunately, Dragunov arrives and saves Yoshino with a spare Hover Craft.

She later appears in the Extra Ops "Flying Ace", where she is fighting several Tar Men and a Dark Monoeye. She has difficulty killing the Tar Men until Caroline appears and helps her kill them. When the Dark Monoeye attempts to defend itself with monoliths, Caroline counterattacks with her ShootingRay. This allows Yoshino to move in and kill the Dark Monoeye.

Another Story

Yoshino appears in Another Story in several settings.

In Scrap Life, Yoshino takes part in a material gathering operation since the Ptolemaic Army is short on supplies. Yoshino goes on ahead and infiltrates while Dragunov and the rest of the Ptolemaic Army battles the Rebel Army outside. Yoshino later learns from Dragunov that Caroline came despite being warned not to and orders her to return to base, only to hear that Caroline cannot do so, so she orders Dragunov to take care of her until the mission is over. Inside the base, she discovers the Arabians have joined forces with the Rebel Army and is later spotted by Abul Abbas. She easily defeats him, and is later contacted by Dragunov that their target, the Big Shiee, is on the move. Yoshino reluctantly saves Abul and warns him to stay away or she will kill him before leaving.

When Yoshino arrives to rendezvous with Dragunov and Caroline, they find that the Big Shiee is being accompanied by Allen O'Neil, the Immortal Devil Sergeant. After defeating him, she briefly informs Caroline of Allen's immortality. When Allen wounds Dragunov, Yoshino attacks him and orders Caroline to take Dragunov away while she battles him.

In Ωmegalpha, Yoshino is informed of an attack on their base by unknown mercenaries. She discovers the Red Goblin and quickly deduces that he is here for Ptolemaios since the base is not that damaged. She battles him, only to be defeated and warned not to intervene again. Yoshino tries to move but is unable to, realizing that the wound he inflicted on her is deeper then she thought.

In "The Dream of the Prodigious Mechanic", Yoshino helps Dragunov look for Caroline after she runs off. Yoshino finds Caroline and calmly tells her what the Ptolemaic Army does to survive, and assures her that she will see Crablops. The twin tanks Shoe & Karn ambush them, but they are able to destroy them and continue on. Yoshino later teases Dragunov about how "some people" never change when Caroline begs for a monkey wrench.


  • In Metal Slug Attack, she goes into battle wearing a face mask. If an attack manages to knock her back, this will be removed and she'll continue without it.
  • She equipped with three kunai as seen in her Everlasting Summer illustration which is attached in her right leg, but she did not use in combat while in the game.



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