Wandering at Midnight is the second mission from Metal Slug 3.

An unknown alien ship impact with planet Earth. Apparently, this device irradiated join forces, which made ​​scientists, civilians and soldiers were transformed into zombies.  When the level begins, the player may find a semi-apocalyptic scenario in which many people need help against the undead horde. People gradually being transformed into a zombie as the virus that causes it is expanding, so the player will have to make way for each other to reach his/her goal, always trying to dodge the bile of infection to avoid being transformed into one. If the player touches the contaminated plasma, he/she immediately transforms into an undead, so the player must find a cure or avoid being touched by the virus again because it will invade his/her whole body and our members disfigured, it will fall, and eventually faded away. One advantage of this state is that the grenades were transformed into blood vomiting eliminated almost every enemy that covers the screen.  The most powerful enemies are infected soldiers, they jump at the player and if not prevented correctly will turn the player into a zombie. Once the player got to the crash site, he/she can find "The Ten Commandments of Moses", the ship that crashed on Earth.This is seen in the shelter of some aliens which the player launched projectiles to be more rapid as that annihilate. Once the player is done with the Martians, the main ship will expose so now the player can attack it. But they defend, summoning monolitha on which will crush the player if not avoided. Everything returns to normal when The Ten Commandments of Moses is destroyed. Here ends the level and the mission concludes. 


  • Halfway there an alternative way, this is a piece of a snow level where the main enemies are the sasquatch.
  • If the player reach the end, like zombies until the level boss could kill him/her in the same way as does a normal zombie. It is advisable to have ammunition to launch bloody vomiting can be done when the player is like zombies.
  • Halfway through the Forest where the player fight the boss. You may see a 3-Ton Utility Truck, a WWII Willys Jeep, and a Chinese Type 69-II tanks.

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