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Villeneuve Mt. System is a location in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 where the first mission Absolute Thick Forest takes place.


Villeneuve Mt. System is a chain of mountains where one of the Rebel Army's planes (named Tetsuyuki) crash-landed. This area features many huge seafaring vessels marooned in places they could not realistically travel to, such as a large Regular Army Middle-Son 1999 stranded in the middle of a dried and relatively shallow riverbed, and what appears to be an oil tanker trapped in a lagoon beneath a waterfall where the Tetsuyuki is located.


  • This area is presumably located in Southeast Asia, due to its jungle environment and a large Siamese/Cambodian idol encountered at the beginning of the level.
    • This is further evidenced in Metal Slug Defense; when selecting the Southeast Asia level, the backdrop shows the Villeneuve Mt. System.


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