Veronica is a new character introduced in Metal Slug Attack.


Veronica wears a black motorbiker suit with the zipper fully down, showing her figure, a red scarf and ports a Special forces mask to do her special attack without poisoning danger. Her beloved vehicle, a huge and black custom bike, is also a weapon, that can shoot and launch missiles.

Character Summary

She's a young ace of the Ptolemaic Army's motorized units, and self-proclamed the one with the best driving skills, controlling a huge motorbike as an extension of herself. Some people says that her skills can compare with the Dragunov's ones, being her equal. Further details and relations with the other soldiers and higher ranks are still unknown.


Extra Ops

Her first appearance was on the Rider's High when she and some motorbikers of the Suicide Squad had to confront the sucessor of the Iron Sentinel: Iron Vermilion. Of course, the weapon fell in front of her superior skills.


  • She bears a resemblance to Highway Star from Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes.
  • According to her description in Metal Slug Attack, She, Anna Wiese, Lydia, and White Baby are mistakenly referred as male.



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