"Hired by the town. He is the man who came to be known as the ghost killer. The many weapons in his coat are effective against things that are not human." ~MSA Description.
Vatn MSA idle

Vatn is a new character introduced by Metal Slug Attack. He firstly appeared in the Extra Ops titled "Halloween Train".


Vatn is a long-haired man wearing a black coat, a brown shirt, a pair of leather boots, and a white handkerchief hanging within his neck.

Character Summary

He is often known as the Ghost Killer. In the Extra Ops in which he is featured, Vatn is hired by a town to stop a supernatural party, and completes his task.

Aswang's description states that Vatn chased her out of a town she frequented and severely wounded her, causing her to seek revenge on him.

Another Story

Vatn later appears in Another Story, in "Ωmegalpha". Like in "Halloween Train", Vatn was hired by a village to investigate ghosts that were connected to Ptolemaios. Vatn goes over his plan with their new partner, the Red Goblin. He launches his attack on the Ptolemaic base with his automated mortars and turrets, causing heavy casualties.

He later reappears with Red and Scotia to search for a legendary samurai on a deserted island.


  • His appearance and design is based on Van Helsing.
  • If Vatn is defeated, he will appear to pull out a bomb which will result in his self-destruction.
  • He is also called 'Vaphaton' in the game's files.



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ハロウィン トレイン:MSA EXTRA OPS

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