Monkey 03

Utan is a support character from Metal Slug 3.

He is found in a cage in two places:

  • The upper path of the Mission 1's first crossroad segment, which leads to a tunnel full of Chowmein-Congas and Ohumein-Congas (Giant Crabs).
  • Not far into Mission 2, at the top of an overhang.

If freed by destroying the cage (either with a shot or melee attack), he will assist the player by firing short bursts from his Mac-10 submachine-gun at attackers. Unfortunately, he is less than a perfect shot, and will often stop to sleep, pick his nose, or scratch his private parts. The Mac-10 bullets are also very weak, and while one is sufficient to kill a Rebel Soldier, they are next to useless against the two most common enemies he comes up against: Chowmein/Ohumein-Congas, and zombies. Like Hyakutaro, he will run away if the player is killed or zombified.

Monkey Transformation

Utan's sprites served as the base for the "Monkey Transformation" seen in Metal Slug 4. If shot by a Scientist in the first mission's alternate path or during the last mission, the player will be turned into an edited Utan, featuring the transformed character's features: hair, jacket, etc. This transformation enables the player to jump greater heights than usual, as well as hang from railings. It can be reversed with a serum found on the body of a dead scientist.


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