Unearthly Silence is the twenty-eighth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet can access this stage.

Mission Synopsis

Gimlet successfully arrives to North Harbor with the Proto 2 and proceeds to reach the Rebel Fortress using the Slug Sub. The first part of the mission has Gimlet dodging Rebel Subs, missile salvos, and giant octopuses that damage the Slug Sub should they latch onto it. The second half takes place outside, with Rebel soldiers and Mars People attempting to shoot the Sub above waters. Margaret is waiting on a platform near the end of the harbor.

Destruction of the Slug Sub immediately ends the mission and is considered Incomplete.

Pre-mission Call

I’ve arrived at the harbor and Slug Sub’s ready. What is my destination?
Attack target is the Rebel Base. Use Slug Sub to proceed to heart of enemy base.


  • Mission Incomplete: Proceeds to Mission 33 (Breakthrough).
  • Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 31 (The Fortress).

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