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Turbulent Transmissions is the sixth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. There are four prisoners in this mission, despite one POW saying there are six.

Mission Synopsis

After Gimlet safely drops to land and Red Eye reaches shore, their communications become weak as the Rebel Antenna is interrupting the Regular Army's signal. They must destroy the antenna that is located at the upper-rightmost part of the mission and retreat left to complete the mission.

Pre-mission Calls


…Kanan here.… What’s up with my plan?...
Commander Kanan… All systems go. Everything A-OK!
Huh? Is the com being jammed? It’s Gimlet! Evac complete. Send instructions.
From Rebel Radio Base. Signal… is…. jammed… Cannot… locate… exactly… my current position.
Radio Base is knocked out. It’s the antenna! Understood! I’ll see what I can do. Wait for report.

Red Eye

… Kanan here.… What’s up with my plan?...
Commander Kanan…All systems go. Everything A-OK!
Huh? Who are you? Do you copy? This is Red Eye! I’m in trouble! I can’t believe I came out here! Do you copy?!
Transmission weak… Jammed by… the rebels……. Can’t hear.
Oh, fudge! Jammed! But how… Ah! That antenna! Hee, hee. Sabotage just happens to be my forte!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 07 (Fatal Express).


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