MSA Treasure Hunt
MSA screenshot Treasure Hunt (bottom)

In order to access specific searches, the player must navigate a Slug Mariner vertically.

Treasure Hunt (unlocked at Level 09) is a bonus way of obtaining pre-determined MSA Unit Part (Single) Unit Parts and refilling MSA currency Sortie Points small compressed Sortie Points [as of 1.3.0] for MSD currency MSP MSP introduced in Metal Slug Attack. Depending on their Level, players can initiate searches that guarantee a unit part after a period of time.

MSA Daily Daily quests offer 60 EXP and MSD currency MSP 5,000 [as of 1.3.0] for completing one stage.

MSA unit --- part MSA currency Sortie Points small
MSA currency MSP
MSA Clock
5 5 1,000 1
15 10 3,000 3
25 20 5,000 5
50 30 10,000 10
120 40 20,000 24
120 VIP 5 20,000 24
Metal Slug Attack
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