The Keesi

The Keesi II is the first boss in Metal Slug 2.

In Metal Slug X (a remake of Metal Slug 2), the Iron Nokana takes its place as first boss, with The Keesi instead becoming the mid-boss of Mission 3.


The Keesi is a VTOL gunship meant to provide close air support to ground troops. It is equipped with anti-air guns on its wings and can drop heavy bombs (these weapons are not used in-game), and its size is enough to carry support tanks on its wings. The Keesi is also capable of using its jet engines to burn anything underneath it.


Since The Keesi is meant to be a support vehicle, it lacks its own ways of attacking. Instead, it can hover safely near the ground to send Arabians after the players. After the plane has sustained some damage, it will lift up a little and use its engines to incinerate the players, while two rebel soldiers shoot at them constantly. Unlike the Arabians, the players can't hit the Rebels directly, so they'll have to dodge them.

In Metal Slug X, it serves as Stage 3's mid boss, appearing with two Bull Chan instead of the rebels. An excellent tip for beating this boss is to directly attack the two engines first, as these award the player with a considerable amount of points (10,000 for the right engine, 50,000 for the left one) if destroyed before the boss is completely defeated.

Upgrades & Variants

Keesi (Nieve)
The Keesi II MK-2(IV): The upgraded version of original, this version of the plane has no landing gear, and the number "96" on its front has been removed. It also has vulcan machine guns under each wing. Appears in Universal Metal Slug: Tank Conspiracy.

The Keesi III: A redesigned Keesi. The Keesi III has many notable changes, primarily a way to attack hostile ground units with its weapon system. The Keesi III appears in Metal Slug Advance, Metal Slug Defense and Metal Slug Attack.


  • The Keesi is based on a combination of the B-52 Stratofortress and the C-5 Galaxy.
  • Abul Abbas is visible during the battle with The Keesi II. He will surrender after it is destroyed.
  • In Metal Slug Advance, the 4th boss is The Keesi III, which is supposed to be an improved version of the original plane.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, The Keesi appears as a special boss unit, but can't be used. It will only use its engines to attack. To defeat it, use characters that can attack air units.
    • In the 1.33.0 update, The Keesi II was released as a purchasable unit. Its moving speed is the same as that of the NOP-03 Sarubia. Its main long range attack is firing the cannons from the Bull Chan on its wings, while it drops the Bull Chans on its wings as a close range attack. Its Special Attack is using the jet engines to burn all the enemis beneath it. With an 800 AP cost to deploy, The Keesi II has the most expensive deploy cost of all aircraft units, and the second most expensive deploy cost of all flying units in the game, the first being Sol Dae Rokker.