The Jet Stream is the thirty-fifth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

After the destruction of the Slug Flyer, Gimlet and Red Eye eject and wear their Drop Packs. Unlike previous Drop Pack missions, they simply need to get across the Rebel base rather than descending to a location. Flying Rebels and Mini-UFOs gather around the base to take a shot at the player. Various air currents push Gimlet and Red Eye in the direction faced. As usual, no pieces of land exist to stand on, so careful use of the Drop Pack is needed. Margaret is waiting at the end of the mission.

Pre-mission Calls


Flyer’s hit. Must evacuate!
Because you don’t listen to the end, you get shot down. The checkpoint’s the base center. Watch out for air currents and drop to checkpoint.

Red Eye

My flyer’s hit! What’s with all this flack? I’m just going to the meeting point. The squad must’ve secured things.
Red Eye! That’s no meeting point! It’s right over the Rebel Base! I’m speechless! You should’ve taken #2! Drop down in the base now! Watch out! Air current is harsh!
I did it again! Ah, whatever. Roger! Entering the drop mission. 3, 2, 1, Eject!


Completing this mission proceeds to Mission 31 (The Fortress).

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