M27 MS2ndM

The Desert is the twenty-seventh mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission. Only Gimlet has access to this stage. Five prisoners exist in this mission.

Mission Synopsis

M27A MS2ndM

Following the defeat of Lt. Wired, Gimlet is tasked to cross the desert with the Metal Slug Proto 2 to reach North Harbor. Many Rebel soldiers, motorbike riders, divers, Mars People, and various missiles show up to destroy the Proto 2. The second portion of the mission has desert streams that slide Gimlet to the nearest pit. The third section takes inside of the ruins, where after an ambush of Rebels, the route splits into two each having a prisoner. If Gimlet still has the Proto 2, it is best for him to travel to the right as going left leads to a wave of Mars People. Both routes merge into one near the end where Margaret is waiting.

The mission Gimlet goes next depends whether he finishes this mission with the Proto 2 or not.

Pre-mission Call

After ending the aerial bombing, I met Lt. Wired. Wired has been eliminated. Send next mission.
Roger. Now get into Metal Slug Proto 2 and make your way through the desert to North Harbor. It’s uncertain but a bio weapon has been sighted. Report to us if the bio’s sighted. That is all.


  • Mission Complete on Foot: Proceeds to Mission 30 (Crossed Paths).
  • Mission Complete with the Proto 2: Proceeds to Mission 32 (Ocean Depths).


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