Tarma Roving is one of the main characters in Metal Slug.

Character Summary

 "So what's your next move...?" -Tarma's pet phrase.

The son of a distinguished military man, he entered the Special Forces Training School immediately after junior high school. At the age of 20, he joined the PF Squad on a mission to rescue the president, where he met Marco and became fast friends. Upon discovering that Marco had been selected for a counteroffensive in the Great War, he volunteered for action, where they fought through and survived the war together. Following the war, both he and Marco were promoted, with Tarma becoming captain. In private, Tarma often makes fun of the over-serious Marco, but holds him in the highest regard as a soldier. He builds custom motorcycles as a hobby with a knack that rivals even professionals. Tarma had intended to retire and start up a motorcycle shop following the First Morden Great War, but he was coaxed by his superiors to remain in service. His favorite food is fermented beans on rice.


In Metal Slug 6 and Metal Slug 7, Tarma is best skilled with the slugs. When piloting a slug, he can fix the vulcan in one position by holding the fire button. Also, he will receive more cannon ammo for the slug and it will have double resistance against enemy attacks. In Metal Slug XX, when outside of a Slug, he can use the Kick Slug move to replenish the Slug's armor (or randomly damage it). This obviously won't work with the Ostrich Slug.


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