The Subway is a vehicle from Metal Slug 2/X.


This subway line goes through the underground of New Godokin City. When the Rebel Army took over the city, they derailed the wagons of the subway and used them to keep outsiders away.

The wagons of the subway will come at the player and won't stop until they are destroyed. If the player fails to destroy them, they will be crushed against the edge of the screen. The penultimate wagon in Metal Slug X will give the only Super Grenade of the game when destroyed. the other wagons will drop common items such as grenade ammo or pigs.

In Metal Slug 5 beta,the subway will appear in Mission 3,in a underground tunnel.However,finally,it has been deleted.


  • The subway was based on the NYC subway, and from the movie Money Train.
  • In Metal Slug Defense, appears as an enemy unit and only appers in the subway stage, but never can be obtained by the player.
  • it later becoming playable units in Metal Slug Attack, it's part can be obtained only via rare boss from "Halloween Train" Extra Ops
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