Steel Warriors is a Metal Slug fan game created by MabsKMK for the MUGEN fighting game engine. You can choose over a variety of vehicles from the series, and fight the others in 1-on-1 battle. The game is still on development, currently on beta version 160513.


Playable Vehicles



  • The references/cameo from the Front Mission games was included in this game.
  • The Slug Wanzer is a mixture of Slug Gunner and Wanderpanzer.
  • Tarma can be seen riding the LV Armor, and Eri is seen cheering on the Protogunner.
  • There are also different characters that have expressions depending on the state the vehicle is. Some of these characters are generics, but others originate from other serieses.
    • For example, Usopp, from the anime One Piece may sometimes appear riding the Ptolemaic Slug, though it is mainly dependent on the palette the player chooses.


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