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Sol Dae Rokker

Full Name
Sol Dae Rokker
Many forms of energy beams

The Sol Dae Rokker is the fourth boss from Metal Slug 3.


This is an instrument of the Sun God in Japanese mythology. Its exact purpose in the game is not explicitly stated. Like The Ten Commandments of Moses, it is likely that Sol Dae Rokker serves Rootmars and his Martian forces.


The boss' only weak point is the small red jewel in its forehead. It attacks by charging the jewel with either red or yellow energy. The yellow beams will randomly spread, while the red beams fire in fast bursts that shoot towards the player. It can also charge a purple beam from its 'mouth', that can turn the player into coins, which can be collected by second player for points. Occasionally, it will generate deadly wolf-shaped flying spirits that fly around for a while before finally crashing into the player. As an indicator to how much health it has left, the boss's color will gradually turn more red, and its attacks will speed up as well.


  • "Sol Dae Rokker" is a corruption of the Spanish for "Sun [made] of rock" (Spanish: "Sol de roca").
  • The pillars located on the platform where the battle takes place look similar to the aztec deity known as "Quetzalcoatl". Also the feather-like ornaments on the forehead of the boss may be a reference to the aztec/mayan culture.


Sol Dae Rokker

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