The Slug Trolley is one of the vehicles from Metal Slug 7/XX.


The Slug Trolley was designed to walk over trails. It's a custom mine cart, equipped with a vulcan. Like the Donkey Slug, it can attach additional wagons to itself (up to 4, two on each side), which are equipped with unlimited cannons. The wagons will be lost if they are hit. Getting through the stage with any number of attached wagons will score you a bonus 100000 for each wagon.


  • In Metal Slug 7/XX when the Slug Trolley survives until Boss Battle, the player can hit Crablops directly with Slug Trolley's wagons
  • This previously called as "Slug Truck" before it got renamed in Metal Slug Defense
    • It later appears on Metal Slug Defense in 1.32.0 Update, which was also where official name was revealed.
      • Its Special Attack is deploying a wagon from above to attach with the Slug Trolley (up to 4 wagons can attach)
      • Its wagons work as extra power for its standard attack. The more wagons attached, the stronger its attack
      • When the Slug Trolley attaches all of its 4 wagons, its special is changed to a cannon barrage. Each wagon will shoot once, for a total of four shots.
      • Unlike in Metal Slug 7/XX, in Metal Slug Defense, the wagon cannot be destroyed, unless the Slug Trolley gets destroyed.
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