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The Slug Gigant is one of the vehicles from Metal Slug 7 and Metal Slug XX.


The Future Rebels brought two of these giant mechanical monsters to the present. When the player rides it, they are unable to get out, so player will be killed if the vehicle's health reaches zero. In Co-op play there is an additional cockpit, player 1's usual cockpit which controls movement, the forward vulcan and the claw-blaster cannon; and a shoulder unit for player 2 letting them control a secondary vulcan mounted on the same shoulder. In Metal Slug XX, when in co-op play, each player has to take turns to shoot. At the last part of the mission, Allen appears with his own "Gigant" with more weapons.


Gigant is based of the word гигант, which means "giant" in Russian. Gigant is also a synonym for "giant" in German, the more usual word being "Riese". Gigant is also a Polish word that also means "giant".

  • For some reason the Rebel Army symbol can be seen between the cockpits
  • This is the only vehicle which, if damaged, shows dents and can leave the player exposed.
  • This slug is the largest one and the one that can take the most hits ever in the series.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense as a free event unit after take all its parts hidden in different area in the 1.32.0 update. Slug Gigant is tied with Rootmars Slug , Sol Dae Rokker , and Rebel Gigant for the highest AP cost for 999 AP, It also tied with Stone Turtle for the Toughest Unit in the game.
  • In Metal Slug XX the Slug Gigant's primary weapon was a 10mm Vulcan cannons with an incendiary ammunition function, just like the Slug Mariner's primary weapon function.
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