The Slug Flyer is the Regular Army's main VTOL fighter plane.


The SVF-07V Slug Flyer is a Super Vehicle designed for aerial combat. While it possesses excellent maneuverability due to its VTOL capabilities, its Vulcans have limited range, capable only of firing in an arc in front of the Slug. It is also equipped with air-to-air AIM-9A Sidewinder missiles that, while being powerful, take some time to accelerate after being deployed.

Related Objects

The Jet: One of the unused sprites found in Metal Slug 5. Not much is known about this vehicle. Metal Slug fans claim that the pilot of the Jet is Rumi Aikawa. However, that is unlikely because of the many differences in facial features.


  • It is based on the Harrier family of military VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) jet aircraft, especially in physical design.
  • The Jet that was supposed to have appeared in Metal Slug 5 may have been a possible successor to the Slug Flyer.
  • it later appears in Metal Slug Defense as one of flying units in game, with fire 4 missile at once, while change it's attitude as standard attack, and shoot it's vulcan cannon, while maintaining it's current attitude as special attacks
    • in Metal Slug Defense, the Slug Flyer won't stay forever in battlefield,it will retreat after use it's standard attack 2 times
    • Strangely, while Slug Flyer retreat, the vulcan cannons suddenly gone.
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