The Slug Armor is an advanced variant of the Rebel LV Armor introduced in Metal Slug 7 and Metal Slug XX.


The Rebel Army saw that they needed to improve on the LV Armor, so their engineers prepared a new version of it with better armor that can resist heavier weapon fire. It now carries a Vulcan, as well as a 100mm multiple cannon on the back. However, it cannot swap weapons like the older LV Armor did, and due to this upgrade, it makes the Slug Armor heavier and as a result cannot double-jump. The Rebels could only make one unit due to a shortage of resources, and ironically, it was stolen by the Regular Army before the Rebels can use it.

In gameplay, the Slug Armor is more resilient, taking 1 more hit than its predecessor and has infinite Vulcan ammo. It is able to fire diagonally in a similar manner as the Slug Gunner and Heavy Machine Gun, improving its line of fire immensely, although, it still cannot turn its body around (except during off-screen) and can only shoot enemies in front of it. The Slug Armor moves much faster on foot and can use its hover pack to move even faster and run over its enemies while crouching. The player can still freely move on the ground and fire their weapons; however, the player will not be able to jump or attack upwards until they stop crouching.

In Metal Slug 7's third mission, the player will only be able to use this vehicle against Crablops' segmented body after destroying a crate containing it.

However, in the Metal Slug XX, the Slug Armor swaps places with the Slugnoid in terms of accessibility where it is placed on the moving platform near the start of the mission (and ditched at the end of the elevator ride if it survives), while the Slugnoid can be used against the boss after destroying the vehicle crate.


  • Since the Slug Armor was used only by the player, as a result of being stolen from the Rebel Army, the vehicle is on the Regular Army's side.
  • It also appears in Metal Slug Defense in version 1.24.0, with Stampede with its hover engine as its standard attack, and its Vulcan and cannon as special attacks.
    • The Slug Armor, Claw Units, Heavy D, and Brian Battler are the only Metal Slug units with a dashing-type attack as their standard attacks in Metal Slug Defense.
    • When destroyed, the animation shows it try to use hover engine but failing and losing it's left arm before exploding.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, there is another variant of Slug Armor that is based on The King Of Fighters characters Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, with color schemes matching those characters. These Slug Armor variants were released and their parts are obtainable during The King Of Weapons Extra Ops event.
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