Shot Down is the ninth mission of Metal Slug: 2nd Mission.

Mission Synopsis

After being shot down in the air when heading to the next destination, Gimlet and Red Eye descend to safety with their Drop Pack onto a landing spot where Margaret is waiting at. Both characters travel from right to left.

Pre-mission Calls


Shoot! I’m hit again! Evacuating now!
Again?! Those flyers cost money, you know!

Red Eye

The Flyer’s hit! I must eject. Confirm the drop point carefully, and- What? Right where I wanted to go. Lucky!
Oh, jeez. Our expensive fighter! What’s ‘’lucky’’! Are you going to pay for it?


  • Gimlet's Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 8 (War-Torn City).
  • Red Eye's Mission Complete: Proceeds to Mission 10 (Terrain Carrier).

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