Shoe & Karn

Shoe & Karn are a pair of massive tanks that together make up the fourth boss in Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. They are each armed with three large cannons on the front and a missile launcher on the back.


The tanks are fought at the same time, Shoe on the bottom floor and Karn on the top. They drive from side to side; if the player is in front of a tank, it will fire its main cannons. If the player is behind it, a Rebel will fire a bazooka at the player from a hatch on the side. Regardless of the player's position, they will take turns raining missiles on them. Although they can run over a human enemy, they will not be able to move if the player blocks them with a Metal Slug.

A brown version appears as a miniboss in Mission 5, where it comes from behind the player while they're trapped by a gate. Another one appears as a miniboss in Metal Slug X, also in Mission 5.

Shoe & Karn Colors

Shoe: First of the Twins, can be encountered in the lower part of the field, also facing the player's direction.

Karn: Second of the Twins, can be encountered in the upper path, also facing the opposite direction.

Shoe (brown): The miniboss version from Metal Slug and Metal Slug X, appears in Mission 5 of both games.



Shoe & Karn official artwork.

  • Shoe & Karn are based on the German Tiger (P) and German Tiger II.
  • Beyond the color palette, the only difference between the two is that Shoe's missiles fire off of a ramp.
  • Karn also appears in the port of Metal Slug Mobile 3, but is never seen during gameplay.
  • An early concept of the Shoe & Karn's model is depicted with a two-barreled anti-aircraft cannon instead of the cruise missiles in the finalized version.
  • Shoe & Karn's miniturrets are bear a resemblance to the British Vickers Medium III, the Russian T-28 tank and the Japanese O-I Superheavy tank project.
  • Shoe & Karn's artwork depicts that the Tank is blue, however in the game Shoe & Karn comes in three colors: Brown, Purple and Grey.
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