These riot-shield-wielding troops serve as a line of defense to help protect the main body of the army from enemy fire. They usually focus on shielding their teammates rather than returning fire, as attacking leaves them vulnerable, but in a pinch they can attack with machetes and handguns. Their shields can take quite a lot of punishment, and can quickly nullify the otherwise-powerful Laser Gun, but enough bullets will knock the shield out of their grasp, typically causing them to flee in terror. Because they protect more dangerous enemies such as Bazooka Soldiers from your attacks, they can very easily make your job difficult. Fortunately, explosive weapons such as Grenades, Rocket Launcher and Shotgun can often blast through their shields or circumvent them outright.

Shielded Soldier Types

Rebel Shielded Soldier


Taking position at the front of a formation, they either stand in front of their teammates to absorb fire or approach the player under the cover of their riot shields. They also carry machetes to swipe at the player up close, and M1911 pistols to shoot at players above, below, or at long range. Each soldier can shield 15 shots of pistol before he will lose the shield and flee in terror. Some brave ones will attempt attack the player the same way as the fanatics do.

Amadeus Shielded Soldier

Amadeus swordsmanAmadeus shielder

Amadeus-sponsored Shielded Soldiers wear blue Amadeus uniforms, but are essentially identical to the regular Rebel Shielded Soldiers.

Ptolemaic Shielded Soldier


The Ptolemaic Army deploys their Shielded Soldiers much like the Rebels do: either in front of a squad to absorb damage, or approaching the player directly under the cover of their riot shields to slash them with machetes. If above, below, or out of melee range they will fire at the player with their pistols. They often flee once they lose their shields.

Future Shielded Soldier


They use a force field that protects them from every side. Once the barrier reaches its limit, it will shatter, leaving the soldier exposed to enemy fire. They flee all the time of being unarmed.

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