The Scrap Island (or Garbage Island) is the setting of Metal Slug 7/XX.


This volcanic island, located in the middle of the ocean, earned its namesake since it started being used as a waste disposal center. The island soon became the subject of many controversies, due to the accumulation of dump in the place, which was destroying the natural environment (except the snowy arena) of the place and killing the native species. Unknown to the public, this island was being used by the reminiscent forces of the Rebel Army; that is, until a documentary filmed on the island briefly showed what was clearly a Rebel Soldier walking in the middle of the junk.

Garbage Island Areas

  • Island Entrance: Anyone who visits the island will be greeted with massive piles of junk and scrapped machines. The rebels installed improvised Turrets around the place to keep nosy Regular Soldiers at bay. The innermost part of it is not much different from the outside, as it is also cluttered with garbage.
  • Coal Mine: An abandoned mine which goes through the underground of the island. The rebels reopened the place to dig for resources while also leaving Crab Mechas to protect the place.
  • Underground Fortress: An area fortified by the rebels to protect the inner parts of the island. Many wall turrets are installed there, and many rebel vehicles are also kept there. The only exit of the area is a giant elevator, which is also protected by turrets, drones and Crab Mechas.
  • Waterfall: A large waterfall, which is a one-way trip down composed of precarious cliffs. The rebels use motorcycles to cross the place. Many Man Eaters can be found roaming the waterfall.
  • Ruins: A ruined structure, which is actually a deep pit. The only way of going through is by parachuting down.
  • Snowy Hill: A wide open area in the innermost parts of the island, where it is constantly snowing due to the altitude. A Slug Gigant is buried beneath a pile of snow, before being greeted by Allen O'Neil in a Rebel Gigant.
  • Rebel Headquarters: The headquarters of the Rebel Army, constructed near the base of the volcano in the middle of the island. This area is obviously well guarded by the rebels, who left many vehicles and security drones watching the place, and where the future rebels built a time portal to get troops (and the giant octopus mech "Kraken") through.
  • Volcano Crater: An extinguished volcano with flowing lava, where all waste was disposed. After the destruction of the Kraken, the volcano started erupting again, destroying the Rebel Headquarters.


  • It is possible that the island is within some sort of Trash Vortex or Garbage Patch, accounting to the fact that the island is practically buried in it.

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