Scotia Amundsen is an original character exclusive to Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops titled Mummy's.

Character Summary

The daughter of Scott Amundsen Jr., she travels the world in search of him. Both are treasure hunters, showing a particular interest in "Arabian Tears".

Somewhat of a cowgirl, shes dresses with the stereotypical hat, whip, and spurred boots (... and very little else).

In game, Scotia wields a large revolver, from which she's able to fire ricocheting bullets - they cover quite a distance, and can potentially hit targets multiple times each. The gold-laden camel she rides rapidly carries her away from battle should she be injured.


Scotia is first encountered in "The Pharaoh's Treasure", where she opens a door, unaware of Beatriz and Allen Jr.'s presence. She later encounters them and explains her story to them, though the two don't seem to care as much. She falls under the Pharaoh's curse (due to thinking of her father), and wakes up later when Beatriz defeats the Pharaoh. Allen Jr. allows her to board the ship, since she wanted to go to the next set of ruins in hopes of finding her father.

She later appears in "Ωmegalpha", where she wakes up the Red Goblin from a nightmare. She apologizes after Vatn chastises her for disturbing his privacy. Vatn later explains his plan to the Red Goblin. Scotia's involvement in the plan is revealed; she simply wants to speak with Ptolemaios to find her father's location. Vatn tasks Scotia with finding where Ptolemaios is before attacking the enemy base. During the chaos, she and the Red Goblin enter the base. Scotia runs into Caroline, who mistakes her as a recruit due to her scarf before taking her around the base. She still manages to pinpoint Ptolemaios' location, though she is unable to go due to being stuck.


  • Her revolver fires bouncing fireballs that cover the entire screen, and can cause knockback when her third skill (Daddy's Will) is unlocked.
  • She and Red Goblin form the "New Face" team when placed within the same Metal Slug Attack deck, lowering their AP costs by 10%.
  • On the 2.6.0 update, a new version of herself appears, called "Special Amundsen". According to the description, she allied with Aileen and took abord her ship, leaving her camel, but, when she is defeated on battle, in place of dying or flee, she turns into a dying mummy and leaves the Arabian Tear, which means that or is just a fake Scotia or she got cursed after getting the jewel.


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