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Helmet on rifle Suzuki

Satiko Suzuki (鈴木 早智子, Suzuki Satiko) is an NPC from the first Metal Slug. She appears at the end of the game only in single-player mode. Apparently, she is praying for a UFO to appear. It seems that she wants the aliens to resurrect a loved one killed during the war. Maybe her lover could be one of the Rebel soldier. It is also possible it was her father.

Her sprite (with charm) returns to anoint the title screen of Metal Slug Defense after you beat the first world. Upon tapping the screen, her hat flies off (If tapped lightly enough, or held down to prevent entering the menu, Suzuki will remain shivering and hatless).

Screenshot.11-08-2010 03.04.41

Satiko's appearance in the credits.

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