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The Sand Simon is a vehicle from the Regular Army. It was supposed to appear in the first game, but it was scrapped. This vehicle only appears in the game's files as an unused sprite.

Nothing much is known about the tank, other than that it is a Main Battle Tank (MBT) of the Regular Army and may have been used long before the Rebel Army was established, and that it is armed with an 80mm main gun and two 120mm anti-tank cannons, and that the Rebel Army's Type 2 Di-Cokka was based on its design. The Sand Simon is also an easy tank to produce and maintain, and had a simple yet rugged design.


  • It seems that three of them were supposed to appear in Final Mission/Mission 6, but instead were replaced by Metal Slugs. Interestingly, all three Metal Slugs have different paint jobs: the first one is normal gray, the second is a Type-R (which didn't officially debut in playable form until Metal Slug X), and the third is dark brown (which might be the early concept/beta version of the Black Hound).
  • The Sand Simon seems to be a combination of a Metal Slug and a Di-Cokka, slow but powerful due to its size and cannon.
  • In addition, its cannon seems to be a rather unstable weapon (As seen from gun-like recoil when firing a shot)
  • The Sand Simon, due to its appearance being similar to the Metal Slug and a Di-Cokka mixed together, is erroneously considered by some fans to be a prototype version of the Metal Slug tank.
  • The concept art for the tank (featured in the infobox above), featured the tank in different designs, one of which would end up being the early version of the Melty Honey (upper left corner). The unused tank sprite is based mostly on the tank design on the bottom right area, but with the side-cannon from the one on the bottom left.
  • The tank is based on a French Char Somua S35/B1 Bis tank, which is used in WWII for the Free French Forces and the Germans (captured examples).



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