The Sandmarine is the fourth boss of Metal Slug 5.


This is a special submarine created by the Ptolemaic Army, designed to travel under the ground.


The boss will sink and emerge from the sand all the time, while launching a volley of fireballs that are tricky to dodge. It can also fire electric projectiles from the back that track the player, or shoot its frontal cannon. If you stand in front of it for too long, it may also fire two missiles that go straight ahead. They can be hard to dodge if the Sandmarine has you backed up right against the left side of the screen.

In Other Games

Metal Slug Defense

It appears as a boss in 1.29.0 Event world, and also appears in some special mission. When you fight this boss in MSD in 1.29.0, the Steel Beast theme was played instead of Fierce Battle theme. In the 1.30.0 update this was fixed, playing Fierce Battle instead of Steel Beast.

Sandmarine was released as deployable unit in 1.37.0 patch. The Sandmarine is the slowest deployable unit in the game, slower than the NOP-03 Sarubia. The Sandmarine never appears emerging from the ground, so its treads can be clearly seen.

Metal Slug Attack

It appears too in Metal Slug Attack as a obtainable unit on the 1.14.0 update. It can be obtained on the event "Sand Locker" as a ranking reward. The Sandmarine has been improved in every way and with a cost of 1000 AP (800 AP on Diamond evolution).

A purple-colored variant by the name of Deep Sandmarine appears in the "Glow in the Dark" Extra Ops.


  • In the arcade flyer for MS5, the Sandmarine can be seen and it is clearly visible that it had a different design than the one it uses in-game, this may have been either an early concept of the Sandmarine or the true design for it if the game had not been rushed.
  • It slightly resembles an enemy from the game In the Hunt.
  • You can see the emblem of the Ptolemaic Army on the Sandmarine; the upside-down triangle with the T in the middle.
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