The Japanese Tank Soldier is the primary and only type of tank remaining of the Division 6.


The soldiers utilize a tank with a light cannon. However, due to gasoline shortages, they removed the engine, the tracks and the two bottom wheels to resort to manpower. These tanks consist of three soldiers; two under the tank carrying it and one commander who is controlling the actions of the tank. The tank commander always issues a loud charge before firing. Only 4 tanks are seen during the route.


The tank works similar to the Girida-O, only with more health and different firing pattern. The 2 soldiers carrying the tank tend to take a break after moving the tank or after the tank fired, so it will stay in one place for a little while without attacking the player. Since the commander of the tank can fully and clearly see the player, the tank will shoot homing bullets towards them.



  • The Japanese character on the side of the tank means "six", symbolizing it's division's number
  • It's based on the Type 95 "Ha-Go".
  • If the player approaches the Japanese Tank Soldier up close while it moves, the player will be smacked across the screen regardless how many times it's done. The player will then lose any weapons equipped and will wield the standard pistol.

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