The Samurai Plane is the primary and only airplane remaining of the Division 6.


Once again due to gasoline shortages, this plane has been modified to move by a pulley system fixed on the ceiling of the hideout. A single pilot is in each planes to use the firing command. When reaching the end of the rope, the plane and the pilot will crash into a wall and will be crushed by the impact.

In order to decrease the plane's weight for easier handling, the soldiers removed all components which aren't necessary for the reconversion (like the side-windshields, the wings, the spinner, etc.), modified a few things (such as the landing gear being always deployed) and added some kind of buckles to tie ropes directly to pulleys.


Unlike the other enemy airplanes, this one uses machine guns instead of bombs. The plane fires a trail of bullets, which is impossible for the player to go through without dying. The player needs to hide under a hut to let the plane passes. Since several Samurai Planes can attack at the same time, it can become very hard for the player to take cover at the right moment.


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