Japanese Army
Japanese Army Emblem
Leader Unknown
Chairperson Unknown
Commanders Unknown
Founded Before 2029
Headquarters Japan
Area of Operations Worldwide
Enemies With Regular Army
Affiliated With Rebel Army
Arabian Infantry

The Japanese Army (Japanese:日本軍) is Japan's official army and was a major faction during the Second Modern War.


Before the beginning of the Second Modern War and the events of Metal Slug 2, the Rebel Army offered an alliance to the Japanese Army, along with the Arabian Infantry, in order to make additional allies to take over the world with more ease. The army accepted the offer, thinking it as an opportunity to extend Japan's territory.

The Japanese Army began its activities at the same time as the Arabian Infantry. Its divisions were sent across the globe to eliminate the Regular Army's troops.

Unfortunately, because of their outdated equipment (much like the Arabians), the divisions were annihilated by the Regular troops shortly after they were sent.

The Japanese Army, now without any more active divisions, was forced to surrender to the Regular Army in order to prevent them from entering their mainland, thus terminating its ongoing invasions.

The army supposedly became neutral after its involvement in the Second Modern War, but no words were said from it since.

However, unbeknownst to most people, one of its divisions remains active somewhere in South America.




  • Like the Rebel Army which was based on Nazi Germany, the Japanese Army is based on the Imperial Japanese Army. Their symbol is a crescent moon instead of the iconic rising sun.

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