The SV-Camel is the first animal slug in Metal Slug Series.


After the First Modern War, the Regular Army engineers developed new vehicles, so their troops would not need to depend too much on the Metal Slug. The idea of using animals came into their mind, as animals could be more easily hidden in the battlefield. The camel is fast, but it obviously won't protect the rider. It is only equipped with a 14mm Vulcan and nothing else, but the rider can still throw its own grenades for additional firepower. The camel can also jump on missiles launched from enemy Flyers to increase height. Every now and then, the camel must stop to drink some water.


  • Like all animal Slugs, the Camel Slug offers a higher point bonus than a mechanical Slug at the end of a stage because of the fact that it is presumably more difficult to use than a mechanical Slug and because it offers no protection from enemy fire;
  • It also appears in Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum during one of the intros of Marco Rossi, where he is standing, then it runs offscreen as the battle starts.
  • The SV-Camel also appears in the application icon in the mobile version of Metal Slug X.
  • The idea of mounting a gatling gun on top of a camel's hunch is historical:
  • In Metal Slug Defense, it can be obtained by free all prisoners of the final stage of the world 1.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, as of version 1.2.0, this unit can only be obtained from the Medal Crank, requires x10 parts to unlock, and later its parts can be obtained by 5 via P.O.W rescue by spending 500 gold bullion
    • When Fully Upgraded, it can evade enemy attacks by eri jumping out for a brief moment, and when using special, the vulcan is also fired, while eri throwing 3 grenades


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