SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash is a card game created by SNK in 1999 for the Neo-Geo Pocket Color. It features many characters from both SNK and Capcom (Metal Slug characters included). SNK also made a expanded version, featuring new artwork and some new cards.

Metal Slug related cards

Character Cards


BP: 400
SP: +2
Backup: Eri, Tarma, Fio
Helps: Eri, Tarma, Fio
Ability: Enemy Chaser
Discards hand. All characters but him get 100 damage for each card.


BP: 300
SP: +1 / +2
Backup: Eri, Marco, Fio
Helps: Eri, Marco, Fio
Ability: none


BP: 300 / 400
SP: +1 / +5
Backup: Tarma, Marco, Fio
Helps: Taizan, Tarma, Marco, Fio
Ability: Hothead
If there is anyone else on the field, Eri returns to hand.


BP: 200
SP: +4
Backup: Eri, Tarma, Marco
Helps: Eri, Tarma, Marco
Ability: none

Action Cards

Throwing Star

Cost: 2
Effect: 100 HP of direct damage.

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