​Basic information

Russia - a country in which the action takes place 2 and 3 of the Metal Slug series. In particular showing some major Siberian city and launcher-missile base of the rebel forces, in the middle lane / southern Russia.

Also, through the territory of Russia and the post-Soviet space goes rebel supply line. For the rebels, it is oen of great importance, so it allows  access to the Asian,European and Middle Eastern front


Launch base


Siberian city

Russia's participation in the military action

Judging from the date of release Metal Slug 2 in 1998 (Yeltsin's rule in Russia, the consequences of default, binges president insubordination in Chechnya), it can be assumed that the development was as follows:

Until 2011, Yeltsin was president, but in 2011 he died of heart disease.

After that, a new president was Chernomyrdin or another protege of the Democrats, who also spent not popular reforms (possibly joining NATO, the EU, the WTO, rent Siberia US and Primorye China), resulting in Russia began to gain strength opposition: nationalists, communists, impendanty (supporters of China).

After World uprising of General Morden, in the Russian Federation with the support of the rebels was a revolution, which resulted in a democratic regime was overthrown and the country was ruled by a Communist or nationalist (also possible Communist-Nationalist Party of Russia, KNPR) and New Russia entered the war on the side Insurgent Army, and increased the fighting strength of the army Morden.

For the Rebel Army, Russia is important for several reasons:

  1. The infrastructure for the transportation of troops and supplies to the Asian, European and Middle Eastern front.
  2. Oil and gas resources, metals, industry
  3. Space technologies and launch sites
  4. The population for the provision of infrastructure, recruitment
  5. New Russian military involvement in military campaigns against the regular army

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