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Ronbertburg City is a large city founded by the rebel army 50 years prior to the First Modern War. It is one of the principal rebel bastions and strategic points in East Europe, and appears to be located somewhere in Germany.


A classical Holland-based city, Ronbertburg is full of economic activity. Casinos, restaurants, a mine and a lot of other points of commerce are scattered throughout the city and to some extent serve a vital role in the city's economy.

Ronbertburg is famed for its "building-bridges" - bridges that contain buildings beneath them and can be adequately habitable for residence. As part of their efforts in fighting the Regular Army, the rebels had these bridges destroyed during the Modern Wars.

Ront Bridgess

The Rontberburg Building-Bridges.


  • Its name and some features seem to be modeled after the real-life German city of Rothenburg ob der Tauer, whilst other ones, like the train station or the channels system, are modeled after the city of Hamburg. However, a number of things seem to be inspired by Amsterdam, namely the river part which resembles the bridges over Amstel.
  • While traversing the building-bridges, the edifice which appears in the background appears to be based from the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London.

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