The Ring Laser Mecha is an enemy in the Metal Slug series. They are the main defense forces of the Mars People.


The Ring Laser Mecha is a robotic unit controlled by an organic brain with robotic arms. Their weapon consists of a deadly laser beam which can form up a ring-like appearance.

The brain is likely that of a Martian.

Upgrades and Variant

Ring Laser Mecha
Regular Variant: They are quite slow to respond to attacks and maneuver clear of them. They fire rings of telekinetic force at the player that can be jumped through. Hit 'em fast and watch their brain splatter all over the place once their protective dome is shattered.

Red Variant: They are more powerful and faster than the regular one.


  • They are somewhat reminiscent of the Daleks from the British "Doctor Who" TV series in that they are organic intelligences driving a mech suit.

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