Return to Hong-Kong is the fourth mission from Metal Slug 2/Metal Slug X.

Mission briefing

This Chinese urban area has been liberated by the Rebels for use in their work. Can the Regular Army overcome the odds and conquer this city?


  • Downtown Hong-Kong: This is where the buildings can be destroyed for items. Most of them contain food items that, when enough are collected, will transform your character into a morbidly obese version of himself (Fat Mode).
  • Dry Creek: This is where the Ferry Boat is stationed in Metal Slug 2, and where the Rocket Divers' wells are built in Metal Slug X.
  • Wet Creek: The waters in this area can be shot randomly for fish.
  • Residential Area: This is where the Big Shiee awaits you, but you will be greeted by Mini-UFOs in Metal Slug X.

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