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The Regular Soldier is the Regular Army's main forces. They differ from the Rebels by their blue uniforms. They make their first appearance in Metal Slug Advance.


Metal Slug Advance

Tyra, Walter, and a group of Regular Cadets were lead by their instructor to a remote island for training. The instructor was actually Allen O'Neil Jr. in disguise, and he brought them to a Rebel base where the Regular Cadets were caught by the Rebels. The Regular Cadets act as POWs, giving the player items for rescuing them. They only appear in Mission 1 (except for one in a cinematic in Mission 3) with the standard bearded POWs replacing them for the later missions.

Metal Slug Defense

The Regular Soldier is a starting unit in Metal Slug Defense. They have the same attacks as a Rebel Soldier: a slash and a bomb throw. They are also stronger and cost more than a Rebel but not by much. Their description implies that an abundance of soldiers is able to win a battle.

Metal Slug Attack

The Regular Soldier returns as a starting unit in Metal Slug Attack. With the introduction of skills, the Regular Soldier is now able to dodge attacks (unlike the Rebel Soldier who has an extended special attack). The Regular Soldiers appear in certain Extra Ops as comedy relief. A group of Regular Cadets make a cameo in the "Boy Memories" event (a recreation of Metal Slug Advance) as Allen Jr.'s hostages.


  • The Regular Soldier was once supposed to appear in the first Metal Slug as prisoners. When rescued, they would help the player by walking alongside or hopping on top of the Metal Slug and using their weapons. Their captured and rescued animations were reused for the Rebels in Metal Slug 3 and the Regular Cadets in Metal Slug Advance.
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