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Regular Army
Regular Army2
Leader Unknown
Commanders Marco Rossi
Tarma Roving
Fio Germi
Eri Kasamoto
Trevor Spacey
Rumi Aikawa
Founded Unknown
Headquarters Variable
Area of Operations Worldwide
Enemies With Rebel Army, Amadeus Syndicate, Ptolemaic Army
Affiliated With P.F. Squad, S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S, Ikari Warriors

The Regular Army is the protagonist force from the Metal Slug Series.

It is a world government coalition force used for various tasks. However, they never try to avoid direct conflict, working more without diplomacy. Because of this, they will work through many of their special operation squads and intelligence divisions, even hiring mercenaries if deemed necessary. They are at war with the Rebellion Army for the most part.

Known members

Hired Arms


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