Red Goblin is an original character exclusive to Metal Slug Attack.

"Former leader of the "Red Goblin" secret society. He named himself the "Red Goblin" in order to take his revenge on the man who caused the dismantling of the Society."

Character Summary

He is the former leader of the secret organization called "Red Goblin", which was at some point annihilated by Ptolemaios. Re-naming himself as "Red Goblin" he started to seek revenge, searching for Ptolemaios' whereabouts with the help of his Machyna, his little drone. He's usually referred to as "Red" by his allies.

It is speculated that he eventually fell in love with Jin and is the father of Licht and Elena. In the Extra Ops "Cross Over Fate", Ptolemaios taunts the two by stating that he killed their parents, and Licht's MSA description states that the sword is a keepsake of his father's, which is almost the same as Red's sword, in addition to having what is presumably Machyna tagging with him.


Upon the conclusion of the Ptolemaic Attack Extra Ops event, he avenges his fallen society by killing Ptolemaios. Machyna also captures a piece of dark matter.

He appears in the story "Ωmegalpha", which mirrors the events of Ptolemaic Attack. He later appears in "The Legend of the Samurai", where he befriends Jin and manages to persuade her to tag along in his journey.


  • When the player has unlocked his fourth skill, his plasma blade special attack produces sparks, increasing attack area and causing most projectiles that are slashed to be nullified.
  • The drone automatically attacks air units above Red Goblin with a laser, and will also perform a suicide attack if Red Goblin is defeated and his third skill is unlocked.
  • His drone closely resembles a Wall Drone.
  • He and Scotia Amundsen can form a team when placed into a deck together, called "New Face". When this team is activated, their AP costs are reduced by 10%.
  • Red Goblin's plasma blade highly resembles a lightsaber from Star Wars.
  • Red Goblin's standard death animation is based off a Ptolemaic Guerilla.
  • Red Goblin's burning death animation is an edited sprite of a burning Rebel Infantry animation.
  • As of Version 2.0.0 in Metal Slug Attack, his sprite, along with his drone, is part of the Another Story mode.
  • Unlike Marco and Tarma in the previous United Front events, Red Goblin is the first Independent character to speak up about the United Shop reminder at the end of the United Front event.



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