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Recaptured Prisoner in Metal Slug X.

The Recaptured Prisoner (or Prisoners in XX) screen is the result screen for the Metal Slug series. This screen occurs right after a mission's boss has been defeated. This is also the place where names of the prisoners are shown.



A prisoner is considered rescued when a player tags on them and not when a prisoner is freed from their ropes. Credit is given for prisoners rescued within a life, so when a player dies their POW count resets back to zero.

Prisoner Points
POW/Executive/Captured Mars People 10,000
Rumi/Madoka/Hyakutaro/Utan 30,000
CEO President 50,000


In Metal Slug: Super Vehicle 001, points are given for the current rider of an intact slug present on the boss arena. From Metal Slug 2 onwards, the player must be riding a slug during the boss' defeat animation in order to receive credit. Points vary on the mission and slug.


Exclusive to Metal Slug 4, when a player collects a Metalish Emblem, they are able to collect medals by defeating foes within a special time limit (the blue bar under the player's score). After four medals, the following medal will be on the next color tier, going from Blue -> Green -> Red -> Silver, with four silver medals being the max. Points are given based on the number of color medals earned by the end of the mission. The counter resets once the player dies.

Medals Shown On Screen Medal Color Bonus Points
0-3 Blue Medals 0
4 Blue Medals; 1-3 Green Medals Blue 10,000
4 Green Medals; 1-3 Red Medals Green 50,000
4 Red Medals; 1-3 Silver Medals Red 100,000
4 Silver Medals Silver 500,000


A bonus of 100,000 points are given when one of the following conditions are met:

  • In single player mode, the player must have at least ten prisoners rescued.
  • In two-player mode, the player with the most prisoners earned gets the "Great!" bonus. If both players get equal amounts of prisoners, then it'll say "Draw!" and no points are given.

Starting with Metal Slug X, the announcer will say "You're great!" when the bonus is achieved.

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