Hazmat Van This article contains unsourced in-universe information that is suspected of being unofficial (fictional). If you know of official sources that support or disprove information given below, please share them on the Talk Page.

The Rebel Train Line 1 is the train line create by te Rebel Army for supporting troops, ammo, armor, medicines and food along the area operated by the Rebel Army on the european continent. It begins at Bourgogne, France and it ends at Ronbertburg, Germany.


Line 1

Rebel Train Line 1 Icon.

The rebels needed permanent supply support around all the battle fronts on europe, so they begun building the first train supply route, it was started on 2027 and finished on 2028, it beguns they work succefully, and the battlefronts begun to established, so the Regular Army enfoqued to destroy it, so the Rebel Army begun to protect they train lines with troops. Because this line was an succes the Rebel Army begun building more train lines around the world on that countries where they needed more a permanent support, like China-Korea-Japan, Middle East, North America, etc...

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