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The Rebel Supply Trains are the trains that the rebellion uses for carring troops, weapons, medicine, ammo, etc... These trains serve as the main location for Mission 3: Madrigal of Wind.

They are also used for gaining money for the rebellion by transporting important people.


The rebels needed a permanent route of supplies for carrying to the battlefield all time, so they began building the Rebel Train Line 1. This first one begins on Bourgogne, France and finishes at Ronbertburg, Germany. Later, more train lines would be made around the world, including the Rebel Asian Train Line and others.


  • The Rebel Supply Trains are protected by the quadruped fast-moving tank Dragon Nosuke.
  • The train ressembles a BR 23 steam locomotive with a small coal tender.
Station Rot

Rebel Suply Train at Ronbertburg Station.

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