The Rebel Siberian HQ is a location in Metal Slug 2/X. This area serves as the Rebel Army's new headquarters after joining forces with the Martians. The sixth and last mission I Wish to Believe in Love takes place here.


The Regular Army must first overcome an incoming ballistic missiles from the cold winter waters of Siberia with sandbags to land on, after which they must overcome a transverse wave bridge with ballistic missiles aiming for them from the front. They will then encounter Allen O'Neil on the other side of said bridge, with Rebel Infantry as distraction. They are then greeted by more of the Rebel Infantry, before making their way inside the HQ's main building.

Inside the main building, the Regular Army is greeted with mortar soldiers standing on an incomplete Hozmi (which can be destroyed to burn them). They are then greeted by Mars People coming down from four platforms, before being greeted by mine soldiers, more Martians (including Mars People cadres), and 3 Melty Honeys, the last of which will drop a shotgun upon defeat. They are then faced with white Martians before being greeted with a Girida-O and exiting the building.

After exiting the building, the Regular Army encounters General Morden once more, only for the Martians to betray him and eventually abduct him inside the Dai-Manji, which would then fuse into the Rugname. This prompts the Regular Army and the Rebel Army to form a brief alliance to save Morden from the Martians.

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