The CEO of a wealthy business, the unnamed President is a rare POW appearing several times in the Metal Slug series. He takes the appearance of a middle-age, bespectacled man with light blond hair in a business suit. After you save him (he is typically harder to reach than normal POWs), he says "Hi!" and stands around waiting. Once he's tagged, he calls his two of his bodyguards to give you an item from each of their briefcases. The bodyguards take several seconds to arrive, but they give more valuable items than other POWs--including rare weapons (Thunder Cloud or Mobile Satellite). He also provides a higher bonus score than regular POWs if you manage to rescue him and stay alive until the end of the level.

After his bodyguards give you the items, the three of them leave, although sometimes the bodyguards accidentally leave without him, returning several seconds later to retrieve him.




  • Metal Slug 3
    • Mission 2: Sitting alongside two POWs on a small detour.
    • Mission 3: (Ostrich Route) Inside of a small hut near the end of the section.
    • Final Mission: At the end of the Rugname's first hallway, jump on top of the entrance and shoot up; he'll fall down on the left side of the screen.
  • Metal Slug 4
    • Final Mission: The last POW to be rescued before fighting Allen O'Neil. Be wary of your shooting, he can either be sitting on an elevated platform or on a Danger Barrel. He does not die if you shoot the barrel, though the barrel is necessary to reach up to him if he is on the platform.


  • In the Recaptured Prisoners list at the end of the level, the President's "rank" is listed as "CEO".
  • Some theorize he is the President of the United States. This is possible but unlikely, as the US President is not typically referred to as a CEO.
  • Unused graphics has the President running away from the scene like every other POW instead of calling his bodyguards, occasionally pushing up his glasses.
  • In the Xbox 360 version of Metal Slug 3, rescuing the President in Mission 2 earns the player the "Save The President" achievement.
  • In Metal Slug Attack, the President appears in POW Rescue as the last POW to be released/saved, though saving him doesn't have him speak his trademarked "Hi!" quote.
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