In Metal Slug Attack the player can purchase Power-Ups with MSA currency Medal compressed Medals either before or during a battle to get an extra edge.

Items (Pre-Battle Power-Ups)

These power-ups can be acquired by:

MSA Item Shop
  • Purchasing them in the Item Shop that is accessible on the mission preparation screen (singleplayer modes).
  • Waiting for a week for the Daily Login (separate days for different power-ups starting from week 2, if no days are missed) .
Icon Name
MSA currency Medal
MSA power-up Radar Radar x1
1 P.O.W. is guaranteed to be rescued if the mission is won. Works only if there are P.O.W.s left unrescued.
MSA power-up AP Lv Max AP Lv. MAX x1
AP Level is set to MAX for the entire mission.
MSA power-up Reward Up Reward Up x1
Mission rewards are 50% bigger (MSP or Exclusive Points). [confirm item drops]
MSA power-up Mobile Satellite Mobile Satellite x1
An automated and invulnerable flying unit that attacks enemies and can move in either direction.
MSA Relief Supply Shop

Relief Supplies (Battle Power-Ups)

These power-ups can only be purchased in the Relief Supplies Shop during a mission (pausing the game).

Icon Name MSA currency Medal Effect
MSA Power Super Metal Slug Attack Super Metal Slug Attack 20 A Metal Slug Attack (SV-001 Type-R self destruction) is instantly ready and deals x3 damage than the normal (SV-001).
MSA Power Jamming Jamming 90 Temporarily stops any enemy units from attacking or moving for 20 seconds.
MSA Power Repair Repair 10 Recovers full health points of the base and all units.
MSA Power Fever Time Fever Time 30 For 1 minute AP Level is set to MAX and units can be produced instantly.
MSA Power Search Search 10 Hidden P.O.W.s (not rescued) are displayed on the mini-map. Available only in Attack! and Extra Ops (where it is possible to rescue P.O.W.s).
MSA Attack Fever Attack Fever 20 Special attacks of all units recharge instantly for 20 seconds.
Metal Slug Attack
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