The Pirates are minor enemies seen attacking a Regular Army ship during the events of Metal Slug 4.


The Pirates were originally hired by the Amadeus Syndicate to hijack a Regular Army cargo ship, presumably to bring it back to the syndicate for resources. They were also helped by the Rebel Infantry to take out bigger threats inside the boat. Despite the fact that their behavior and sprites were recycled from the Arabians, they have no relation to them whatsoever.


Pirate idle

Pirate Soldier: This is the most common type of pirate. They use cutlasses to attack, occasionally throwing them at the player. In the second part of the mission they appear in Hammer-Yangs.

Pirate swordsman idle

Pirate Assault Soldier: This variety of pirate is armed with a light sword. They attack by running back and forth, slashing at the player if they get in range.

Pirate swordsman firing

Pistol Pirate Assault Soldier: These swordsmen not only have the standard light sword, but are also armed with a pistol. They are only seen a few times.


  • Since they have "traditional" pirate swords, turbans, flintlock pistols and skull emblems on their shirts it is safe to assume they are based off of "traditional" European-Caribbean pirates.
  • In Metal Slug Defense's description of the Pirates, It was claimed as they are working for the Amadeus Syndicate.
    • However, the Pirates are classified as the Independent/Monster faction, as there is no Amadeus Syndicate faction in Metal Slug Defense.
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