The Pharaoh is a newcomer unit added to Metal Slug Attack, first appearing in the Extra Ops titled Mummy's, again during Pharaoh Rebirth, and then later during Another Story.


Pharaohs in real life are the common title of the monarchs of Egypt from the First Dynasty (c.1350) until the Macedonian conquest in 305 BCE.

In Metal Slug Attack, the Pharaoh's personality is described as "warlike, lustful, and curious". His first two appearances pitches him as an adversary to Scotia Amundsen. He sits and rides in a chariot along with Mummy Cats and Mummies, and is pulled by Dog Mummies. After his first defeat he returns as a tyrant, only to be calmed by Cleopatra.

He later returns as part of Morden's first chapter in Another Story. Morden sent Allen Jr. and Beatriz to find the Arabian Tears in the ruins. The two bump into Scotia and run into two Mummy Cats while exploring, who they follow. The Pharaoh later appears and curses Allen Jr. and Scotia to sleep, but it does not affect Beatriz, which piques his interest. He states that his curse allows him to manipulate dreams, in addition to revealing that he has the jewel she is looking for. He battles Beatriz but is defeated, acknowledging her strength and allows her to take the jewel before returning to his slumber.


  • His special attack, dubbed the Super Curse Ball, is the same as that of the Fake Rootmars.
  • The Pharaoh appears as a boss in Metal Slug 2.5.



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