Percier is an original character exclusive to Metal Slug Attack.

A small girl with green hair, she considers herself to be the "eternal assistant" of the Professor. She didn't share his interest in Martian technology, however, and he abandoned her while leaving the Rebel Army. Upon his return (a brief raid to rescue a captured Marty), she promptly donned a Mars People costume and rejoined his side.

Her infobox states that she wears the costume to compete with the Martians for the Professor's affection; he, however, finds her to be boring.

In her debut, she could be seen in sprite-form during the intro/outro sequences of the Mad Scientists event. She was made playable unit as a pre-acquisition for the "Snatch Wars: Season 3" event.

Upon victory, she typically plays upon a Neo Geo Pocket with a wireless unit attached. Her large hood hides an ahoge.




  • Along with Heidern, she is one of the few purchasable units that makes a cameo before their debut.
  • Similar to Abigail and Annette, Percier has an alternate victory animation if another character (the Professor) is in the same deck as her.
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