Pekin or Beijing (北京), is a metropolis in northern China, and the capital of the People's Republic of China. Governed as a municipality under direct administration of the central government. Beijing is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China.

Metal Slug Series

In the Metal Slug Series, the most important event taking place on Pekin is the attack of the Invaders, when the Invaders attacked the city defended by the Rebels and some MV-280C's stationed in the city.

Attack of the Invaders

Several IVFO's crashed into the city's heavily populated downtown, causing extensive damage to the buildings and skyscrapers and killing or injuring many people. The soldiers arrive to the place, but felt to their horror because they didn't know how to counter-attack the Invaders.

To thier horror, the IVFO's contained large amounts of Invaders, which escaped soon after impact and spread throught the city. The Rebels tried to fight back but they were poorly-equipped, with only a few MV-280C's stationed in the city.

The Invaders' main WMD, the Brain Robot, awaits the soldiers deep inside the sewers of this city.

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